About Us

At Gilmore Groundworks we like to take an approach that always keeps the customer informed with all the details of their project. We will always give our expert advice on any surfacing or groundworks services ensuring that they get the result that they are looking for.

Personalized Approach

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Excellence and Professionalism

We pride ourselves on high-quality workmanship on all our surfacing of driveways and commercial work. You can rely on us to leave your job with a smooth finish with no bumps or dips that you should expect from a professional team.

Insured and Guaranteed

Gilmore Groundworks Ltd is fully insured and on request can produce any insurance documents that the client requires. We offer a 3-year guarantee on our driveway surfacing (subject to T&C's). We only use the best surfacing materials and never cut corners on depth or quality. However, we do use recycled materials as fill or base to reduce our carbon footprint.