Surfacing Materials

Below are the surfacing materials that we provide 


We provide a deformation-resistant, durable surfacing material, suitable for heavily trafficked roads. From quality suppliers. SMA has found use as a durable Asphalt surfacing option for residential streets and highways. SMA has a high coarse aggregate content that interlocks to form a stone skeleton that resists permanent deformation. The stone skeleton is filled with a mastic of bitumen and filler to which fibres are added to provide adequate stability of bitumen and to prevent drainage of the binder during transport and placement.

Stone mastic asphalt - SMA

Asphalt - Black chip

Tarmacadam - Bitmac

Tarmacadam, properly referred to as bituminous macadam or "Bitmac" for brevity, is often thought to be the cheapest method of surfacing a driveway or forecourt. Although bitmac is more affordable than SMA or Asphalt it typically is not as strong and as a result, could lead to the area needing to be resurfaced in a shorter life span than either SMA or Asphalt.

Asphalt with red, black or granite chip 

Gilmore Groundworks Ltd is fully insured and on request can produce public liability & employers liability. We offer a 3-year guarantee on our driveway surfacing as we only use the best surfacing materials and never cut corners on depth or quality. However, we do use recycled materials as fill or base to reduce our carbon footprint.